High Hair Porosity And Why It Matters?

High Hair Porosity And Why It Matters?

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Hello Gems,

This is your girl Nidhi and I am back with another important hair topic that requires your immediate attention.

There are some people whose hair takes forever to dry and some people who have magically air dried hair. Some people have hair that seems to drink up every thing they treat their hair with and some people whose hair seems to close doors on any product whatsoever. The middle ground for these co-relations is hair porosity.

Hair, like our skin, is porous. This means that it has teeny tiny gateways from which it accepts moisture. This is generally a good thing and this is what distinguishes artificial hair from real human hair. Artificial or synthetic hair does not have porosity at all. While porosity is good, there are certain alarming concepts that you must be aware of in order to ensure your hair's health

What Is High Porosity Hair?

Hair with high porosity absorbs everything at lightening fast speed but is unable to retain that moisture - also called moisture lock. This is bad for your hair and it is certainly a reason for hair loss.

What Causes High Hair Porosity?

High hair porosity is caused by two major factors : excessive exposure to UV rays, chemical bleaching and colouring.

As a rule of thumb, anything that damages your hair makes it more porous. This causes extreme frizziness and dryness.

How to find out if you have porous hair?

Drop your hair (take it from your hair brush) and put it in a transparent glass of water.


  1. Sinks Immediately : High porosity hair (danger zone)

  2. Take some time to sink : Medium porosity (healthy hair)

  3. Stays on the surface : Low porosity hair

High porosity hair gobbles up all the moisture and gets to the bottom quickly. Once you have established whether or not you have highly porous hair - it is time to fix this situation.

How to care for high porosity hair?

  • Use a hydrating shampoo.

  • Swap your conditioner for a deep conditioner (2x a week)

  • Leave-in conditioners,ย preferably shea butter

  • Avoid bleaching and colouring your hair as much as possible

  • Use silk pillowcases, silk scrunchies, and silk scarves to protect your hair

  • Always cover your hair when you go out in the sun, especially during the afternoons.

  • Keep your hair cropped to ensure you're able to take care of it, use hair extensions instead

ย Ultimately what matters is that your hair must get healthier. Ensuring the right hair care routine will help you avoid hair loss.

If you suffer from extreme hair loss, you can still follow this routine and slowly recover - meanwhile you can use hair toppers that will get you through this process.ย ย 

That's all for today girls, I will get back to you again with another hair special. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, please drop me a message at care@gemeriahair.in.


Nidhi xx

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