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Why Gemeria is the best hair extension provider in India?

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It's been a gorgeously chaotic Diwali and we had a very eco-friendly celebratory set up to make it as perfect as our own products. I often get asked by women why I insist on Gemeria hair being the best hair extensions they can buy in India, and are hair extensions good for Hair?

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Well first of all, let me correct this sentence - Gemeria is the best hair extension brand in the world, and today I'm going to breakdown all the reasons why it's proven to be true.

Superior Quality Hair

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Often hair extension vendors source their hair from hair vendors that travel to villages to buy hair, some source it from salons and hairdressers. There'sย nothing wrong with these practices,ย it's just that hair that is randomly collected does not have its cuticles aligned and intact.

We source our hair from South Indian temples that are known for a humongous amount of voluntary donations each day. The hair donated is shaved strategically to ensure that the cuticles are intact and aligned.

Environmentally Conscious

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All waste that goes into the creation of your Gemeria hair is biodegradable, implying that it is 100% environmentally friendly. Our contribution to South Indian temples goes for welfare programs that are invested in healthcare and education of women and children in rural areas.

Why does this cuticle thing matter?

Naturally, our hair has cutically aligned, if your hair extensions also have their cuticles aligned, they look as natural as possible. This also helps your hair extensions last longer.

Customer Service Attention

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Customer Service Representatives work round the clock to ensure that every person getting in touch with Gemeria has their needs fulfilled. Our Customer Service Department helps people find the right hair extensions depending on the colour of their own hair, their profession, location as well as the budget.

This is to ensure that everyone has an amazing experience buying and wearing Gemeria hair. Customer Service follows you through the entire process of buying Gemeria hair, till you receive your hair and even after you have received your extensions in case of any doubts or queries.

We pride ourselves in our after purchase services because it is important for us to maintain a healthy relationship with all of our customers, even if it costs us more - it is a price we are happy to pay.

Return and Exchange Policies

Returns with Gemeria are easy with store credits that can be redeemed at any time. Here our customer services will help you find the right replacement and in general find the perfect match for you.




Content collaterals by Gemeria which are all over the internet are designed specifically to help customers to learn how they can wear and experiment with their hair extensions. Hair extensions are a gorgeous addition to a woman's wardrobe and we wish to help you celebrate this presence.

Our website is wholesome, it contains every possible hack you might need to wear and rock your hair extensions.

Internationally we have had a following fromn all five continents and have served women of all races and cultures. 80% of our customers make a second purchase with us, this is because we put our heart and soul into the working of the cogs of this clockwork.

With Gemeria our goal is to continue to serve and empower more women. This blog is my humble contribution to this very purpose and I hope dear reader, that you will find something empowering in these words and embrace the flaws with style.

I will be back soon with another post, till then so long!

Nidhi xx


Sahina Mazumder

Sahina Mazumder

Plz yeh wala ka price kiya hai

Plz yeh wala ka price kiya hai



I like ur hairs

I like ur hairs

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