Hair Smoothening Cost, Practices & Is It Worth It?

Hair Smoothening Cost, Practices & Is It Worth It?

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It's your girl Nidhi and today I am going to talk about hair smoothening. If you have already gone through the procedure or if you are planning to get it done - this is an important post for you.

Hair smoothening has become a very popular and commonplace practice in India. This is owing to the simplicity of the procedure that does not require strenuous training and the fact that the chemicals that are used have become easily available and at cheap prices at that.

There are salons offering smoothening treatments at a mere 3000 rupees. This can be very alluring but there are aspects of this treatment that need to be considered.

First of all, getting hair smoothening treatment is not as simple as getting a haircut. This process changes the way your hair is structured, it interferes with your hair health and there are consequences when the treatment begins to wear off.

Hair Structure:



Hair smoothening treatments basically break your hair bonds and then reattach them in order to get the straight, silky texture. This means that your natural curls are permanently destroyed through this process.

When your hair grows out after the treatment, the texture is often haphazard and messed up.

Hair follicles:



Hair smoothening chemicals have adverse effects on the hair follicles which are the major source of hair growth. This can cause hair loss and breakage. And because the texture is completely stripped from your hair, your hair loss becomes quite evident.

Hair dandruff:



The process is known to aggravate hair dandruff, but then this is one of the simpler side-effects of the treatment. People are known to get rashes and wound because of the chemicals that are used.

Split Ends:



The arch enemy of your gorgeous hair is split ends, split ends can completely destroy your hair and make them look and feel dry, frizzy, and unhealthy. They of course cause severe hair damage and take a long time to fix (the only fix is to chop off those parts of your hair)


Hair smoothening is not worth it especially if you already suffer from common hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, or even split ends.

The best alternative is to use a replacement like half-head wigs. Half Head Wigs are the best because they reduce the amount of heat that goes onto your hair by a whopping 80%!

Check out the complete range of hair extensions that can reduce your getting-ready time and save your hair from any of the smoothening woes. If you have already gone through the process, the Half Head Wig will help you maintain the look you want while you let your hair grow out.

That's all for today folks. I'll come back to you with a whole new set of hair-related information soon.

Nidhi xx

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