Winter Hair Colour Trend Forecast

Winter Hair Colour Trend Forecast


This is your girl Nidhi and today we will be talking about the colours that we are forecasting for coming winter based on extensive research from different fashion shows and expert opinions from trendsetters like Chanel, Armani and more.

Winter is coming Jon Snow, time to jazz up your hair color! Just kidding, Jon Snow looks fabulous as he is and he wouldn't look good with any other color. But girls, we're not on the NightWatch and we can change our looks this winter to something bold or sexy and alluring.

With the darkness of winter we need some colors that brighten up the scene, here are some of our favorites:

Caramel Brown

Caramel Brown is a color that has winter engraved in it, for what says winter that scrumptious pralines dipped in caramel sauce. When the caramel color goes to your hair, it brings a kind of golden sheen to it that makes your hair stand out and at the same time complements your own dark hair.

This one looks especially good with people who have Natural Black/ Brown hair color.

Caramel Brown suits us Indians in the form of Balayage. These are highlights of mixed dimensions that go with your natural hair.

Ash Brown

If you are the winter coat + scarf kind of gal then this one is for you. Ash Brown is a mix of dark tones and an ashy undertone that gives the color a subtle dimension. This is perfect if you don't want something very obvious and want to go for a low-key hairdo.

Ash brown has its own myriads of shades and the darker ones are subtle while the lighter ones will give you a matte edge.

Now we all know that hair coloring can damage your hair and you might want to avoid it. The best part is that you don't have to compromise your hair health to be a diva! Check out our complete range of hair extensions that will add color to your hair without commitment, without damage, and without hassle.

That's all for today girls, I will see you again in another exciting post. Keep shining like the Gem you are. As always feel free to reach out to me at

Lot of love

Nidhi xx

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