Why you need a hair topper? #LetsGetReal

Why you need a hair topper? #LetsGetReal

Girl, what do you want?

The entire universe is yours to rule and there are a million ways to make you feel a million bucks, what is important though is what you want and need from all the options available to you.

We aren’t offering a corny advertisement to “wear this and be pretty”, this is a serious matter and people, women in particular, have been increasingly concerned and dejected by the way in which the problem of hair thinning seems to have no solution whatsoever. We meet people everyday who tell us they tried all disciplines of medicine and could not fix their hair and their reminiscence of the time they had perfect hair is heartbreaking.

More than 80 percent of men and nearly half of women experience significant hair loss during their lifetime. For many, the thinning starts well before middle age. This can be caused by medical conditions like thyroid, postpartum effects or even something as commonplace as a shift in hormones or even stress. 

So what is clear is that we are fighting against nature when you are looking at hair loss. We are often enamored by how gorgeous women look in magazines and on the television and little do we know that this hair is actually not their own grown hair and hair that they buy from high end wig and topper creators. 

Because these wigs or toppers are made from hundred percent real human hair and styled according to the face and style of the model, it is impossible to notice that these are extensions.

We saw an interview in which Kim Kardashian says that this is my real hair because I bought it. This is an important revelation because we need to be more open about issues that are faced by billions of women. We all deserve to feel as confident and as stylish as we’d like without the scorn of those who don’t understand something so basic and central to the human condition.

With a steady increase in pollution, hair thinning has become a significant issue that has the dermatologists office full of women fighting a condition they don’t understand. Now the fact is, any dermatological process will take over years to come into action and as it depends heavily on chemicals, there is no real case study that authentically shows that they have had success in restoring a woman’s complete hair frame.

While we are all in for people to find solutions of their own and put their faith in the hands of modern medical science, we believe that meanwhile, you can use a solution that will at least ease your psychological stress.

Here;s where hair toppers come into the picture. Hair toppers are made from 100% real human hair and designed to look just like your scalp. WHat’s cherry on the top is that they are very easy to use.

Now, depending on the kind of hair loss you have been experiencing you can find the right hair topper for you. 

I suggest you check out our Essential Topper which we have recently launched in the size of 5x5. It is so gorgeous and voluminous with a base that is comfortable and the side clips that are soft and can be worn all day. You can make a ton of hairstyles while you are wearing the topper so it is very versatile and very empowering for those who have been avoiding certain hairstyles or even a simple middle parting because of scalp spots. 

You can even go for a topper that has bangs on it so that it gives you that cute chic look effortlessly. You have got to visit our Youtube channel where we demonstrate in detail how we can make these hairdos and how we can take care of these products.

Our Hair Toppers are so popular that every time someone walks in our studio to try them on, they walk out with a bag. This is because the product, engineered by our team of product experts, quite practically sells itself, again, effortlessly.

We also have toppers that will help you add volume and length to your hair. You can get your topper styled at a salon or by yourself, you can even color it as you like because it is made from hundred percent real human hair.

The silk topper is good for people who are going through a lot of hair thinning as it looks exactly like the scalp and will give you the makeover of your dreams. Ultimately what matters is that you choose the product that gives you confidence and style.

You can get in touch with our sales representatives through the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right, they respond fairly immediately and they will help you find the right product depending on the stage of your thinning, your head size, and the volume of your hair.

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