Top 4 Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Top 4 Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hi Gems!

It's your girl Nidhi and today we will be talking about the best hair extensions for my short hair babes!

The hair extension universe is full of surprises and it's even more so for people with short hair. Short hair in general is easier to maintain so it makes sense to keep your short and healthy and achieve your fashion goals with the help of hair extensions.

Remy Virgin hair extensions are the most popular with women because they give the most natural-looking hair and are the exact same texture as our own hair. This is a term that you'll hear or read quite often when looking for extensions. So let's get into what exactly Remy Virgin Hair is.

Hair is collected from donors, often from temples across South Asia where hair is offered to the gods as a token of their affection and sacrifice. This is mainly because South Asian women culturally and traditionally consider their hair to be their most important beauty asset and by donating their hair they basically make a huge sacrifice.

This hair is then collected and sold via tenders and the money collected is then used by local governments for welfare programs for the underprivileged. Once this hair is collected the hair is segregated. The segregation eliminates all hair that is grey or chemically treated. That's why it's called Virgin hair because the hair is not treated chemically. The hair goes onto various other processes that ensure that the quality of hair used to make these hair extensions is immaculate.

Once these are done they are colored or treated depending on the needs of the clients. The advantage of getting coloured extensions instead of colouring your own hair is that bleach and ammonia breaks the hair bonds and causes hair loss, breakage and damage.

Remy Virgin Hair is considered the best quality of hair to be used for hair extensions. Here are a few hair extension recommendations for people with short hair:

1. Clip In Hair Extensions:

Clip In Hair Extensions is popular because they are no commitment hair extensions. You can clip them on whenever you'd like to wear them, as per your convenience. The hair extensions are attached with easy tic tac clips and they are simple to use. These hair extensions will give you the desired hair length and there's the option of choosing colors.

There a variety of Clip Ins available for you to choose : you can go for 11 pieces, 9 pieces, 7 pieces or 3 pieces depending on what you prefer. In general, the 7 piece sets are a good median as they ensure that your hair goals of length, volume, and color are effectively achieved. Of course with the increasing number of clips the volume of hair will increase, which is always a good thing when it comes to hair.

3 pieces are good if you're only going to increase volume and add color but they will not resolve the length factor.

2. Ponytail Extensions

If you're the high ponytail kind of gal this one is for you, ponytail extensions are super popular because they are very easy to use and are perfect for young women going to school or work. 

It comes with a clip that secures the extension to your own ponytail and then there's wrap-around strands that cover up the clips and give you a classy ponytail. These hair extensions are available in a variety of colors. You can also go for ponytails that are wavy or curly depending on whichever ones you prefer.

The one limitation here is that it is not recommended if you are having an active day because it can be an inconvenience at that point.

3. Halo Extensions

If you're the one who loves the wind in their hair, halo extensions might be the best option for you. Halo Extensions are perfect for women who wear their hair down. It's Remy Virgin hair that comes with a headband. You just need to place the headband at the appropriate place and you're ready.

This works well for women with layered hair. If your hair is short and layered, this is the go-to product for you.

Halo Extensions do not harm your hair and are super comfortable.

4. Half Head Wig

Saving the best for last, the half-head wig is perfect for people with short hair, the half head wig is placed mid crown and is secured with tic tac clips. These are super voluminous and blending is never an issue with half-head wigs. They minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair and thus are perfect for you to take care of your hair health.

The half-head wig is also a really cool way of adding ombre color to your hair. Again, it helps that you do not have to use ammonia and bleach on your own hair.

It is also 10x more convenient than the 7 sets and is travel friendly.

It's important that you make sure you're choosing the right place to buy your hair extensions, it is also necessary to ensure that your hair extension vendor is ethically sourcing their hair.

Gemeria Hair is a hair extensions brand established by expert professionals who have been in the hair industry for the past 10 years. They are patrons of South Indian temples thus providing the best hair extensions around the globe from their manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, Delhi. They also provide hair extensions in a variety of colors along with a whole range of hair thinning solutions that are certainly worth checking out. They provide permanent hair extensions as well but they are recommended for people with at least medium-length hair, they are more effective that way; they include I-Tips, Flat-Tips, Tape-Ins, Machine Wefts, U - Tips etc.

Hair extensions are increasingly garnering a wide audience and since they are eco-friendly products, they are a sensible fashion choice.  

With an increase in pollution and rising temperatures, it is wise to keep your natural hair short so you can care for it effectively and let hair extensions make that fashion statement you've been eyeing.


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I'll see you soon again with another interesting topic until then keep getting creative with your hair!


Nidhi xx


Cindy Diaku

Cindy Diaku

Thanks for sharing such an amzing post. It’s really helpful in finding the best hair extensions for me. Keep sharing like this.

Thanks for sharing such an amzing post. It’s really helpful in finding the best hair extensions for me. Keep sharing like this.





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