Techniques for Styling Your Hair Extensions

Simple Techniques for Styling Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an instant way to add length and volume to your natural hair. Hair extensions serve as a gift to ladies with less volume and short hair as this increases the length of their hair and adds to its volume. But you should buy good quality human hair extensions it is offer a great deal of styling freedom and anyone can wash, condition, and dry them as per the requirement.

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair and are offered by brands like Gemeria. Extensions can be braided in, glued in, woven in, or if you need a change of look for a special event they can also be clipped in.ย 

Through this blog, we will expand your knowledge about the simple techniques for styling your hair extensions ensuring you get the most out of your extensions.ย 

What are Hair Extensions?

hair extensions

Hair extensions are also known as hair weaves and other real or synthetic hair that gets closely attached to the roots of your hair adding length, color, and thickness to natural hair. Some extensions are long-lasting and summer not as well and some extensions even last up to a full year before they require to be removed. If someone is struggling to grow their natural hair then you try clip-in hair extensions it's won't only give added length to their hair but also extra volume.

The extensions which are well matched with the color and texture of your natural hair, are the best form and make it difficult to find whether one is wearing them or not. You can try new hairstyles without getting just fixed to one. Hair extensions are the better option to get a new look. Through hair extensions, you can easily get highlights without getting involved in chemical processes such as bleaching or coloring.ย 

Simple tips and techniques for styling your Hair extensions

1. Choose the right extensions

choose the right hair extensions

It is important to choose according to your style and get the best extension model based on your hair type and future lifestyle that you wish for. Here are some of the more tips to consider while selecting the hair extension:ย 

  • Always Choose for 100% Human hair:ย 

Hair extensions are available in numerous varieties of hair including synthetic and human hair extensions.ย  Among all these, the best hair extensions are made with 100% human hair. This serves as the highest hair quality that you can find in the market.

  • Hair Texture:ย 

There are some common origins of hair extensions like Chinese, European, and Indian. Each extension type is suitable for various hair textures. Therefore choose the right hair texture that matches your natural hair.

  • Perfect Colour Match:

One more obvious thing to consider is that the hair extension must match the exact color of your natural hair.

2. Secure extensions for updos and ponytails

Ponytail hair extensions are also worth adding length, volume, and texture to your natural hair. Ponytails are also perfect to give you an official look at your appearance. Designing hair extensions in updos or ponytails may require some extra practice because updos or ponytail hair extensions can be tricky to prepare but not impossible.

These extensions are available in a variety of colors and can easily be curled or straightened to specifically match your natural hair. Hair extensions give a way to fill the gap between the grow-out and trending tides. Ponytail extensions are particularly popular to lengthen the hair.ย 

3. Blend extensions with your natural hair

Blend extensions with your natural hair

First of all, ensure that the hair extensions are much more similar to your natural hair. This goes for color, texture, and cut. If you are trying to match the color then purchase the identical shade as your natural hair which can blend easily without any damage. Blending your natural hair with hair extensions is truly crucial to get a natural look of confidence.

It is highly necessary to achieve a seamless blend between your natural hair and extensions. combine your natural hair with extensions to achieve a more natural look and use a straightener or curler to match the appearance of your extensions to your natural hair.

4. Wash and condition your extensions

After choosing the right hair extension, wash it deeply to keep out the product build-up, sweat, dirt, grime and oils can make hair extensions dull, messy, smelly, and sticky. As such it makes sense to wash your hair extensions. But it's also important to know how frequently you should wash your hair extensions.ย 

A useful rule of thumb is to wash the extensions after every 2 to 3 weeks. Alternatively, you could look for the science of product build-up or just determine if they need to be watched from their lock. As stated above make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to extend the life of your hair extensions and retain their smooth feel and look.ย 

5. Brush your extensions gently

Brush your extensions gently

Press your hair gently because brushing your hair roughly is the most common mistake that everyone makes. Brushing the hair extensions roughly creates a low hair texture and lessens its overall lifespan. Opting for this simple technique is very important to maintain the longevity and quality of your hair extensions. If you are too rough with your hair extension, you will find multiple flaws after a while.ย 

Instead of using any narrow or harsh brush, use a brush specially designed for hair extensions, preferably one with soft bristles or looped extension brushes. Brush your hair every day to avoid any tangles or knots. If you pull your extension like your natural hair, then the hair from it will also fall out soon.

6. Use a heat protectant when styling

Heat is drastic for your hair extension and may also act as an instant spoiler. Avoid using excessive heat on your extensions, and always apply a heat protectant before styling because it will further save the extension from any high damage of heat.ย 

7. Curl your extensions

Curl your extensions

Curling extensions include wrapping sections of hair extensions to create loose waves and wrapping small sections of both your natural hair and extensions around a curling wand. This gives them a chance to mix easily. Don't forget to apply hairspray to your curls to let them stay longer.ย 

8. Straighten your extensions

When straightening your hair, ensure to straighten your natural hair and extension together, starting from the roots, and always use a wide-toothed comb to detangle any tangles or knots.ย 

9. Proper maintenance is crucial

Human hair extensions demand regular and systematic maintenance. Therefore keep your extensions looking natural and the best of their appearance. Wash them gently with the sulfate-free shampoo and apply conditioner. Try to avoid washing numerous times because it may dry out the extensions. Brush your extensions regularly to avoid the tangles and mats. If you are considering making any investment in yourself and your confidence then you must try to get the full value of it.ย 

10. Create waves with braids or a flat iron

Braids are usually extremely hard hairstyles to do with hair extensions. But this does not happen with clipping your extensions. However, if you have thin hair then here comes hair extensions that can easily transform your thin braids into thick-worthy twists, in just 2 minutes. Apply a textured cream or condition your hair to reduce frizz and increase shine. To create weaves, just divide your hair into 4 sections and then begin braiding your first section. Ensure that the braids are fairly loose to prevent the hair from ceasing. Continue this braiding with all the rest four sections and secure it with a hair tie.ย 

11. Finish with a light hold hairspray

hair spry

Light hold hairspray is a must-have styling material for every type of hair. It offers a soft and weightless hold that keeps the style in its place without making it stiff. Finishing with a light hold hairspray dries and holds the hair extensions as it is. This also resists humidity and further helps in resisting any sticky buildup. This light-hold hairspray works on all types of hair extensions and gives a perfect look to anyone who wishes to have a soft and touchable finish.ย 

12. Regularly check the condition of your extensions

After everything, give a regular check on the condition of your extensions. Ensure that they are like the same that you purchased and give a unique look and texture to your hair.ย 


Treat hair extensions with care, invest in hair quality products, and seek professional guidance for the best results. With proper maintenance and attention, hair extensions can be a fabulous addition to your natural beauty arsenal. Styling hair extensions is not such a tough task. You can easily achieve a flawless look where the extension matches your natural appearance by just using the right tools, techniques, and practice.ย 

Do remember to prioritize the health of your hair extensions first. Gemeria comes as the best hair extension brand for women and also offers a wide range of solutions to achieve a flawless and glamorous look. Together we assist each and every one in enhancing their overall hair beauty and appearance with these branded amazing hair extensions.

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