Top 4 Ways Of Combating Postpartum Hair Loss

Top 4 Ways Of Combating Postpartum Hair Loss


Welcome back, I'm your girl Nidhi and today we are going to talk about a topic that is really important and sensitive for a lot of women out there: post-partum hair loss.

A woman's body, mind and soul goes through an insane range of sinusoidal ups and downs during and after the pregnancy. The sudden change in how we look and how we perceive ourselves can be difficult for a lot of women - rightfully so, a body's got to be different when one has created a whole new human being.

One of the issues that happen post-partum is hair loss. During pregnancy, hair tends to grow well and healthy thanks to the hormonal changes in the body which spurs hair growth and health. Once the child comes into the world, the estrogens levels go back to normal, which causes hair to fall.

There's a significant amount of pressure on a woman's body after the pregnancy as the child continues to be fed by the woman. Now the normal amount of hair fall everyday is around 100, this happens over the course of the day so it doesn't really feel like we're "losing" hair.

Post-partum hair loss often can be seen as hair falling off in clumps, a huge amount of hair falling every time you brush your hair, or even put your fingers through your hair. This can be quite alarming, but the truth is that this is very normal. Most women suffer from post-partum hair loss and it is in most cases a reversible process.

It can take around 6 months to up to 2 years for your hair to start growing back. However, in the case of women who naturally have thin hair or suffer from hair loss, this period can get extended and the hair loss itself can be very daunting.

However, where there's smoke, there's fire and where there's a problem there is a solution. Here are some ways in which you can care for your hair post-partum. This list is tentative and is drawn on the advice of medical practitioners, we have however taken care to ensure that these remedies are absolutely natural and have no side effects whatsoever. ย 

1. Rest can do wonders:

New moms need an enormous amount of rest, the body needs time to understand what has happened and how it must bounce back. This bouncing back is a holistic process and increased rest is one of them. Consider having a conversation with your spouse around your need for rest. You can also toy with the idea of hiring help, in any case prioritise rest.

2. Careful of what you eat:

Eating the right food is crucial if you want to give your hair follicles an extra push for growth. Foods that are rich in Vitamin E, B Complex and Biotin are known to be good for your hair and your skin. Two birds, one throw am I right?

3. Aromatherapy:

People all around the world are turning to aromatherapy mainly because herbs are known to have precise usage depending on what it is that you might need. Rosemary Extract in particular is beneficial for your hair follicles and it needs to be used consistently. Also increasing the amount of menthol you use on your hair will definitely open up hibernating hair follicles and help spurring hair growth.

4. Use Hair Volumizers and Hair Toppers

Using a 3 Set Clip In Volumizer if you have scanty hair or a Hair Topper if you're noticing scalp spots and baldness can be very helpful and it will definitely give you back the confidence you need. These again, are helpfulย because getting your hair back is a long process and this does some damage control immediately.

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That's it for today girls, see you soon with something exciting.


Nidhi xx

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