Why Colored Hair Extensions Are a Better Alternative to Dyeing Your Hair?

Why Colored Hair Extensions Are a Better Alternative to Dyeing Your Hair?

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Coloring your hair is a new trend among youngsters. And seriously, who doesn’t want to go a little colored and stylish with hair? A little splash of red or blue and you stand out among the crowd. There is no limit to style and coloring adds glamour to it. But what about the consequences? Coloring no doubt looks great but dyeing your hair can be a little dangerous for your hair. Most young girls understand this fact when it’s already been late. Dyeing your hair can damage them from the core. Regular dyeing can burn your hair strands and can also cause several health issues. You must know that coloring is not permanent. It fades with time and over a year, you will have your normal hair again. So is dyeing worth the damage? How about an alternative option to enjoy the same experience but without any damage? Yes, there is one and in this blog, we are going to discuss that. Read the complete blog to know about colored hair extensions
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Why One Should Avoid Hair Dyeing?

Hair coloring is cool but comes with a cost and it’s not about money. We support being stylish but no one like compromising hair health. And therefore I prefer to go as safely as possible. Coloring or dyeing your hair can expose your hair to harsh chemicals and strong bleach. These have adverse effects on your hair such as weak roots, burned strands, and damaged texture. You also can develop hair fall later. 

Most hair dyes add ammonia or similar compounds and peroxide to the material. The Ammonia penetrates the hair skin and peroxide bleaches out the natural hue of your hair by removing the natural color. It loses the cuticles, and the material enters the hair cortex and bleaches its healthy pigment. This ultimately damages the natural health of your hair.

Dyeing is trendy & stylish but it has side effects. So what you can do is gather the best quality information about dyeing your hair. It will help you in preparing the safety and also be ready for further hair care. 

Side Effects of Coloring Your Hair:  

Excessive use of dyeing products leads to damaged hair. They lose shine, break easily, and even sometimes wash away with water in severe conditions. Some hair care products or home treatments may help you. But many women end up cutting their hair to regain their hair health. 

Below are some of the major side-effects of coloring your hair that you must know. 

1. Allergies:

The most common side effect of coloring hair is getting allergies. Allergic responses are the first thing you may experience after dyeing because it includes paraphenylenediamine which is a frequent allergen. Even if you have not experienced it after dyeing, you should the frequent coloring. The more you color your hair, the more will be the chances of developing allergies. 

Note- You must completely avoid dyeing if you have skin conditions such as eczema, itching, redness around neck rashes, inflammation, etc. 

2. Asthma:

Hair colors often have harmful chemicals in them. This can develop a chronic allergy in your body which can further result in asthma and other breathing diseases. The inhalation of chemicals through breathing can result in breathing issues, lung infection, throat pain, and wheezing. 

3. Frequent Visits to Salon:

Maintaining colored hair is not easy for everyone. It needs time and extra care to keep your hair healthy and shiny. As time passes, you will feel odd in your hair. Then the only solution is to frequently visit a salon for re-dyeing and hair management which can be damaging to your hair. 

4. Conjunctivitis:

If you have decided to color your hair, then remember to take extra care during the process. It is common for your skin or eyes to get exposed to harmful chemicals. When hair color agents come into contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause immense pain & itchiness, and inflammation in severe conditions. 

Colored Hair Extensions as an Alternative to Hair Dyeing and It’s Benefit?

If you are searching for an alternative to hair dyeing as it possess dangers for your hair then try colored Hair Extensions now. Hair extensions are made of real hair, nylon, and synthetic. Hair extensions come in several colors ensuring you provide stylish eye-turning looks. It adds thickness to your hair and looks completely natural. At the start, you may feel a little difficulty but by 3rd or 4th wear, you will become super comfortable with it. Below are some benefits of using a hair extension over permanently dyeing your hair. 

1. Easy to Apply:

Hair Extensions are super easy to use. Just fix a clip on your real hair and you are done. To know how to use a hair extension properly, read the blog- Ultimate Guide to Hair Extension [Place the link]. Now no need of spending hours in a salon. 

2. No Damages to Hair:

As this is an external accessory, your hair doesn’t get exposed to any harsh chemicals. Now wear stylish colors at any time without compromising your hair. 

3. Wide Range of Options:

Whether you are going to an office function or a family party, hair extensions are good for all functions. These are available in many color grades which are perfect for being the modern diva. 

4. The Added Volume:

Hair extension’s primal work is to add thickness to your real hair. Thickness adds beauty to your hairstyle. It allows you to try hairstyles that make you more beautiful each time. 

5. Stylish:

Hair extensions are stylish. It enhances your styling with perfectly shiny hair even when your hairs are not in good condition. 


Dyeing is a fashion trend today. But it has several side effects. You can experience issues such as hair fall, headache, asthma, and lung infection. In this blog, we have discussed the side effects of coloring your hair and coloured hair extensions as their alternative. 

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