Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Hair extensions for short hair can be quite a tricky task. It’s even more confusing when you have coloured hair and you are trying to find the right fit for your overall look. But this is where Gemeria comes to your rescue!

Presenting a blog, crafted just for you, dear hair-enthusiasts, especially if you fall into the "normie" category! Join us in untangling the mysteries of human hair extensions where you can go from looking like a sweet bob-cut Snow White in the morning to Rapunzel by evening…

Let the magic begin!

What Are Hair Extensions?


Whenever we hear the word hair extensions the first thing that comes to mind is a tacky synthetic knotted bunch of hair that doesn't sit well on top of our head and may slip off in front of other people, putting you in a very awkward situation. 

But here's the twist, “knot” all hair extensions are tacky and bad.

It all boils down to where you get them from and what kind of hair extensions you seek. 

In plain simple words, hair extensions are synthetic or natural hairpieces that are attached to a person's natural hair to increase its length, volume, texture, or overall look. You have the all-natural human hair extensions commonly called Remy hair. They are exactly what they’re called. This type of hair is made out of real human hair which is collected from a donor. With this types of hair extensions, the cuticles remain intact. This helps in zero tangles and it also ensures that the extensions remain smooth, silky and frizz-free for a lifetime. 

Whereas, synthetic hair is made of blended fibres and various other synthetic materials. They are generally thin frail plastic fibres that are spun and woven together to give it that natural human hair look. 

Yeah…now you know how Beyonce rocked those ‘fierce’ hairstyles. 

For starters! There are plenty of options when it comes to hair extensions for short hair. You have the clip-ins, the tape-ins, the highlights for a funky look and our personal favourite the deep-curly hair wig!

Yes, you read that right! 

Imagine going from Ruby Rose one moment to rocking Shakira’s curls the next. The possibilities are endless just like the lengths of our fine range of human hair extensions.

Now let’s take a closer look at different types of hair extensions.

Types Of Hair Extensions Online


1. Clip-in hair extensions

These ready-to-wear hair extensions can completely transform your style in a matter of minutes. This is the most effective and simple method for increasing the length, thickness, and volume of your hair. 

When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, we use 100% Remy hair that can be styled with heat to get the desired look. And guess what? This simple hair extension is so effortless to install that you won't even need a professional.

It feels excellent, natural, and smooth. Clip-in human hair extensions use pressure-sensitive clips that won't damage the scalp or your hair. Simply clip it underneath portions of your hair and you can easily change your hairdo to suit any occasion or event. 

You can take them off, wash them with a regular paraben and sulphate-free shampoo, and then clip them back on.


2. Tape-in hair extensions

What did one strand of hair say to the other at the party? "Let's stick together; we make a great combo!"

These semi-permanent hair extensions are akin to clip-ins, but they are longer lasting since they are taped and glued to your natural hair.

Tape-in human hair extensions are lightweight, flawless, and last around 1-2 months. This is due to the hair's equal distribution, which allows you to wear a full head of hair without feeling heavy or pushed down.  

These extensions are ideal for people with thin or fine hair. These are often applied by expert hairstylists since they require heating and glueing the extensions to your natural hair consistently and flawlessly.


3. Sew-in hair extensions

Yes, this is where you tie the knot for a seamless blend with your natural hair! Jokes aside, as the name suggests, they are sewn into your natural hair. First, your stylist will section your hair. A track or a thin line of your natural hair is taken from the bottom of the sectioned hair and braided into a tiny strip like that of a cornrow. The human hair extensions are then sewn into this cornrow and secured. The stylist will then shape and trim the hair for a much more seamless and fabulous look.


4. Halo hair extensions

The ‘mane’ problem with extensions is finding the right one that fits your head, matches your natural hair, one that sits correctly and one that blends in seamlessly. But where do you find the perfect solution to all of these issues? 

The answer is Halo hair extensions! Consider them as a heavenly hold of hair extensions making you feel fabulous as well as divine! 

Take a wild guess at how long this takes to fit. In most cases, under 30 seconds! It's that easy and convenient to apply on your own. 

This hair extension in particular is an innovative idea to cushion your crown without any kind of pressure. The Gemeria’s Halo Hair Extension is 14-26 inches long and has two attached clips for extra support. 

It is heat resistant so curl it, crimp it, and work it!


5. Fusion or Bonded hair extensions

Commonly known as bonded or fusion hair extensions, keratin bonds or keratin pre-tipped extensions; this is the cream de la cream in the world of hair extensions. This particular type of hair extension is also a favourite among many celebrities too. This is a long-term solution when it comes to hair extensions. 

So how do prebonded extensions work?

A tiny little pack or a green of glue is used to Bond up the keratin strengths with the help of a heat connector. These bonds are so tiny and quite unnoticeable. These are suitable for all hair types and will last for about 3 to 4 months after which you will have to remove them.  though it is very important to use the correct hair extension shampoo or a mild shampoo so that the bonds may remain hard and strong and that they won't go soft or sticky or else they may loosen up and fall easily.


6. Micro-link and micro-bead hair extensions

Micro-linking and microbing hair extensions are a perfect option for those women who have fine or very thin hair and want to add more volume and texture to fill the thinning areas.  These are also the perfect alternative to swe-ins, clip-ins and fusion and bonded hair extension options. These are extremely easy to apply as well as remove. The reason why people go for microbead hair extensions is because of how safe it is for it to install and have comfortable it is how the extensions don't cause any kind of tension and how the whole application doesn't require any kind of adhesive or chemicals. 

micro-link- hair-extensions

What you should know before buying hair extensions? 

Yes, hair extensions are quite exciting and everybody wants to get them.  but before you go scurrying around on your mane makeover, there is quite a lot of tea that we would like to spill and you would like to know before diving headfirst into the realm of Hair extensions!

Starting with…

1. Quality of hair extensions

As we all know the first thing we look for in any product is the quality, And the same goes for even hair extensions. But here’s the catch! Sometimes even synthetic hair may look quite appealing but in reality, it's a big NO!  

To understand good quality hair extension you need to understand the basics of hair extension. 

Here are a few points that you must go through:

  • Synthetic vs human hair extensions

Consider this confusion as if you were to choose between a trendy food truck and a Michelin-star restaurant but this is all about your hair's journey…

This is where your synthetic hair comes in as your budget-friendly street food fun and scrumptious but lacking the gourmet touch. Whereas Human Hair Extensions or Remi Hair Extensions is that fine dining restaurant that offers you a menu of rich textures amazing taste and luxury of choice and authenticity.  

Sure, synthetic hair could be a cheaper option and it can look good but if you want to elevate your overall look;  then do not ‘cut’ corners when it comes to investing in top-notch Remy hair extensions for a flawless and natural look.

  • Virgin and non-virgin hair extensions difference

As the name suggests virgin hair means that the hair never underwent any kind of bleaching colouring or chemical treatment. It is also called cuticle hair because it is directly collected from the donor and is 100% unblemished untouched and natural hair. Whereas, when it comes to non-virgin hair, the hair that is collected, undergoes treatments for colour, textures, and other modifications. 

  • Remy hair extensions

When you first decide to get your hair extensions this is one term that you are constantly going to hear.

This is exactly what you need to get when you are looking for hair extensions.  they are the A-listers of the extension world which means that this is 100% original high-quality human hair. 

With Remi hair extensions the cuticles are retained so that you have an intact bunch facing in the same direction. Is done to keep its natural form so that you are ready with beautiful hair.

Remy hair extension benefits

Need we say anymore? 

Here are 5 solid reasons only why you need to choose Remi hair and nothing else:

  • They are completely natural-looking hair extensions
  • They have the longest lifespan when compared to other human hair extensions.
  • They are heat-resistant dye-friendly and you can style them any way you want.
  • They are tangle-free and easy to comb through. 
  • And lastly, they are silky smooth.

With Remi hair, it's almost as if you are a part of an elite exclusive hair club and every day is fabulous hairy #remyroyaltycomingthrough! 

2. Factors to consider

If you are someone looking for hair extensions for short hair, you will find them and there are plenty of options that help women with short hair. Investing in top-quality hair can never go wrong. But then there are a few factors that you have to consider when it comes to getting hair extensions.

  • Hair type: 

First and foremost, let us consider hair kinds. Are you looking to get a sleek and straight hairstyle, or do you have a crown full of curls? Of course, you may straighten the curls and then add a temporary straight hair extension or vice versa! 

However, when it comes to a long-term solution, it is critical to select extensions that match your natural texture, resulting in a seamless blend and a transition as smooth as a professionally well-maintained strand.

  • Lifestyle:

Whether you’re a gym rat, a water baby or even someone who has a busy lifestyle with work or at home, hair extensions are a long-term commitment and your lifestyle plays an important role. 

It's always good to take an expert opinion when it comes to blending hair extensions with your lifestyle. At Gemeria, we have a blog for every concern especially when it comes to choosing the right hair extension.

  • Budget:

Last but not least, the budget or maybe it will. But investing in something that is going to enhance your confidence and your overall look is no sin. Be it a few 100 dollars or a few thousand, let's be honest we all want to look good, and feel better and most importantly, we are in the pursuit of finding the best solution in the shortest time. 

Whether you're a frugal shopper or willing to pay, Gemeria has the perfect range of extensions for every purse string. From toppers to clip-ins, ponies to wigs, we have it all for you. Our hair extensions are easy to apply and just as light as our prices.

3. Matching hair colour or texture

Picture this! 

You are someone with a luscious thick, platinum blonde and shoulder-length tress and you want to get extensions that reach, let's say, all the way to your waist… But then you did not read our blogs, nor did you do your research when it comes to selecting the right hair extension and you ended up getting a Sandy-coloured hair extension! 

That’s why doing thorough research on hair extensions is paramount. 

Curly, wavy, or straight - matching the extensions to your natural texture ensures that your hairstyle looks unified and seamlessly blended.

In the world of hair extensions, the golden rule is simple: perfection in matching is the key to creating a masterpiece on your hair. Achieve the proper blend, and your hair will change into a work of art. 

4. Pros and cons of hair extensions


Hair Extensions application and removal


Let's say that you want to try a different look and your stylist is out of town or not reachable.  so what do you do? You go in for something easy to apply like clip-ins or halo hair extensions! When we say this is equally Rapunzel-worthy tresses.

You do not need your stylist for something as simple as clip-ins or even halo human hair extensions. Simply clip on and be on your way to slay that event, that party or that meeting.


Okay you now want to get in touch with your natural cell and it's time to bid adieu to your extensions. This is where we give you our expert opinion and that is to visit a stylist. Now you cannot book an appointment with your stylist or at your salon at the drop of a hat. 

If you are somebody with temporary hair extensions like clip-ins, then it is as simple as unclipping or detaping with the help of a few tail combs and hair pliers. But if you ask us we would highly recommend you wait a tad longer and visit your salon or your stylist.

Caring for hair extensions

The answer is some extra TLC,  gentle detangling and combing, and sulphate and paraben-free  shampoos all the way!

Although most hair extensions are heat resistant, it is always good to reduce the amount of heat that you apply to your hair extensions.   when it comes to synthetic wigs or weaves, you might want to stay clear away from heat completely as this  is made from strands of plastic and synthetic fibre. 

Another recommendation for both synthetic as well as human hair wigs or extensions is to sleep on Satin pillowcases. This helps in reducing friction and heat on your hair and increases the life of your hair extension or your wig.

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How to choose hair extensions

When it comes to choosing hair extensions these are the most important things to remember. they are:

  • Take a good look at your lifestyle:  if you are someone who is very sporty and you hit the gym or swim a lot then clip-in hair extensions are your go-to. But if you are someone who is mostly at home and is not much of a gym rat and you have a very simple peaceful and not-so-active lifestyle, then you have options like tape-ins, sew-ins, and so many more you can choose from.
  • Budget considerations: Yes you are someone who wants that hairstyle or that length or that particular texture. But burning a hole throw your pocket is not an option, at least not for the wrong hair extensions. It is a good investment of sorts but finding the right quality,  the right type of hair extension, and the right kind of texture is imperative. 
  • Colour matching: This is one of the most important points when you are considering hair extensions. It's always good to opt for those hair extensions that match your natural hair as well as texture. You could also get them dyed to perfection.
  • Conclusion

    In short, in this adventure of finding the perfect extension of your Crowning Glory, you are going to be a tad bit smarter when it comes to choosing hair extensions after reading this blog. Reach out to us to know and check out our fine range of hair extensions, wigs, weaves and more. 

    Remember it's your hair and it's your canvas!

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